Our Vision


    Integrity is the cornerstone of our company. We, at SREES have pledged to uphold the ideals of transparency and ethics in every aspect of our business. Besides, We deal with our sellers, consultants, suppliers, workers and customers in the most professional and idealistic way.


    In our 10 years in Residential Housing, we have constantly witnessed the joy of owning a home and this has motivated us to leave no stone unturned in building your abode.

    All out projects are approved by the CMDA and other Local Bodies.

    All our property dealings are with the help of Legal Counsel.

    All our designs are by top Architects and Structural Consultants.

    All our projects are carried out by qualified Site Engineers.

    We also genuinely care about the safety of our workers and therefore implement various safety measures for them to work in a safe environment.


    We ask our customers to pay us in terms of the work progress and we pride ourselves in delivering projects on time.